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A group of professionals with ultra-decadal skills and experiences, have decided to embark on a path that leads them to develop projects in the emerging countries of West and East Africa. The figures in question are of different nationalities, we are Italians, Somalis, Lebanese, Ivoirians and other European nationalities.


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    Look at the international market, export to Africa

    The most obvious solution, and certainly the simplest, is the  direct sales to the Africans customer sfollowing a more or less sought-after contact. This option is the most common option in case of occasional and / or sporadic commercial relationships in the broader context, in a relationship with the reliable buyer, which is thus characterized...
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    Women and business in Africa Part 2

    It is evident that in Africa women are increasingly present in the boards of directors of large companies, and even in public executives and national parliaments, their presence is on the path of improvement, hence hoping for a quantitative increase. In African leadership, therefore, women generally occupy 36% of the posts of responsibility. Specif...
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    Women and business in Africa Part 1

    Women in the African population are over half a billion of whom 40% are under fifteen. We do not need the big minds to point out that women are important in Africa as in any part of the world. Today’s awareness is consolidated and strong despite the social system that surrounds us. For the first...